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M Atty by MEB MODS Review


M Atty by MEB MODS Review


Drip tip adapter-Ultem
Stainless steel and gold over stainless body
Dual and single airflow
PEEK isolator
Horizontal and vertical coils
5mm by 8mm chamber
Barrel, top cap, deck
Diameter of 22mm
Height of 16.5mm

Product Review
You might have already seen this atomizer in buy and sell groups online. But is its $700-$1200 price range worth it? We will let you be the judge of that, but people spend good money for it for a reason. After taking a single pull, you will be able to see that this is a good vape. This is thanks to …


The Best Vape Stores In The United States

There are many options when it comes to vaping equipment. This list is all about the biggest vape stores stateside right now. Let us find out if they are the right stores for you!
Mig Vapor
Any vaper will be familiar with this store. Based in Florida, this company first joined the market by selling e-cigarettes with 510-batteries and clearomizers. It has gotten much further than that. These days, its Vimanna e-juice bar allows users to mix and match as much as they want  . The classic devices like the Dray and the Matrix are always good choices, but the new devices are good too. It offers free shipping within the United …