There are many options when it comes to vaping equipment. This list is all about the biggest vape stores stateside right now. Let us find out if they are the right stores for you!

Mig Vapor

Any vaper will be familiar with this store. Based in Florida, this company first joined the market by selling e-cigarettes with 510-batteries and clearomizers. It has gotten much further than that. These days, its Vimanna e-juice bar allows users to mix and match as much as they want  . The classic devices like the Dray and the Matrix are always good choices, but the new devices are good too. It offers free shipping within the United States and topnotch customer service, although the prices are higher than alternatives.


This California-based store is best known for the unique looks of its products. The colorful devices reflect the laidback attitude vapers are known for. It is not all for show as the performance and quality are also great. KandyPens offers alternative devices and e-liquid at their online and physical stores. We love the lifetime warranty and good customer service as well. The only downside is that their offerings are limited.


Since 2008, Vapor4Life has been here to help vapers. Its Zeus vape pen is popular thanks to its powerful battery. The store also offers single-use devices among a wide array of products. It is good to know that it was launched by fellow former smokers.

We appreciate its wide e-juice offerings as well. Many customers report being happy with their purchases. This leading manufacturer of premium vaping products does not have alternative products, however.

These are only three of the biggest vaping stores in the country right now. There are many more options, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Customers trust them for a reason.

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