Most of the people who visit local vape shops like The Vape Bar never take advantage of a large portion of the services that might be available to them. They come in when it’s time for some e-liquid or replacement coils, and then they leave. They never take the time to ask questions and learn about the various services available to them. If that’s all you do when you visit a vape shop near you – buy vape gear and leave – you could be missing out on a wealth of interesting products, services and knowledge. Have you tried doing these things at your local vape shop?

Ask About the Reward Program

If you’ve never asked about the reward program at your local vape shop, you could be missing out on some big savings. Customer loyalty programs are so common among small businesses that it’s rare for a local vape shop not to offer one. The attendants at your local vape shop, however, may not always remember to mention the reward program to all of the people who come in – especially if you’re there regularly, which could lead the attendants to assume that someone else has already told you about it. If you’re not a member of your favorite vape shop’s loyalty program, ask about it. A good loyalty program can entitle you to discounts after a certain number of purchases. As a program member, you may also receive early notifications about upcoming sales.

Get Your Batteries Re-Wrapped

Have you ever disposed of a vape battery because it had a torn wrapper? If you haven’t, it could be because you’re unaware of the potential dangers of using a damaged battery. In the type of lithium-ion cell that vaping devices use, the battery’s entire enclosure is made from conductive metal. The top terminal is isolated from the rest of the battery; that’s the positive terminal. The negative terminal, meanwhile, is the entire remainder of the battery’s enclosure.

The flat portion on the bottom of the battery, however, is the only part of the negative terminal that’s intended to be used. If a metal object – such as the inside of your vape mod’s battery compartment – touches the battery’s positive terminal while also touching the side of the battery, that’s a dangerous short circuit. The battery’s plastic wrapper is the only thing preventing that from happening, and that’s why you should only use a battery if the wrapper is intact.

If you have a battery with a torn wrapper, the only safe options are to recycle the battery or to replace the damaged wrapper. If you’re not comfortable replacing the wrapper yourself, you should inquire at your local vape shop. It’s a simple procedure for someone who deals with batteries every day.

Ask for Coil Building Help

Do you own a rebuildable atomizer – or are you thinking about getting one? If so, you’re either going to have to learn how to build your own coils, or you’re already aware of how challenging coil building can be. When you make the jump from using pre-built coils to building your own, there are two major hurdles you’ll have to overcome. The first hurdle is learning how to build coils that work at all. You’ll encounter problems like hot spots in the coils, and you’ll probably also notice that your coils don’t seem to look quite as perfect as the pictures you’ve seen online.

You’ll encounter the second hurdle when you’ve begun to gain some coil building experience. At that point, you’ll probably decide that you’d like to build a more complex coil with a bit more power. You’ll find, though, that there isn’t a lot of helpful advice online. The tutorials that you’ll find will often be geared toward coil builders with a lot more experience. Once again, this is an area where you’re likely to find help at your local vape shop. It’s very common for vape shop owners and attendants to be expert coil builders. It’s likely that they’ll be able to offer some helpful advice. They may even be willing to build a coil for you to show you how it’s done.

Get Answers to All of Your Vaping Questions

When you’re in the early stages of learning how to vape, you’re likely to have a lot of questions. Why do your coils taste burnt after you’ve used them for a few days? What can you do to make your vaping device taste better or produce bigger clouds? What are some e-liquids that you’re likely to enjoy?

It’s sometimes difficult to find answers to basic vaping questions online because everyone has an angle. Virtually every vaping website exists to sell products, either because the site is owned by a retailer or because it’s connected to a company on an affiliate basis. Because of the profit motive, the Internet is full of incorrect information about vaping.

The oldest vape shops, on the other hand, are owned by people who have been in the industry for virtually as long as it has existed – and a vape shop that’s been in business for as long as a decade didn’t become successful by providing its customers with misinformation. If you have a question about vaping – no matter how obscure it might be – you’ll often get the most accurate answer at your local vape shop.

Ask About the Old Products in Back

Are you a newer vaper with an interest in the hobby’s history? Maybe you’re a collector, and you’d love to get your hands on some vintage vaping devices from the past. Either way, one of the best ways to find older vaping hardware is by asking the people at your local vape shop what they’ve got in the back of the store. Any vape shop that’s been around for a while is going to have some vintage products that are no longer in demand and aren’t worth keeping on the shelves in front. If you’re willing to make a fair offer, you could come home with a rare piece of classic vape gear.

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