We all have to start somewhere. While not everyone is naturally good at vaping, we can all learn the basics and work our way up. Before anything else, it is important to acquire the right tools. This is a quick list that will hopefully help you figure out what you need and what you don’t.


Needles and syringes are used to refill the juice and rebuild the atomizers.

Precision screwdriver tool set

Make sure the set has a Slotted, Hex, Torx, Philips, Y Tri-wing, SP2, and Pentalobe to be prepared any screw set in any atomizer.

Compact wireless drill

When it comes to vaping, this is great at modifying the air flow and polishing the atomizer.

Blank drill bits

These are useful for rolling mesh and warping coils, so get a good set and maintain it properly.

 Torch and butane

A torch is handy if you use mesh. Get high-quality butane to prevent clogging.

Tape measure or ruler

It is important to have the right measurement when cutting mesh wicks.

Pliers, tweezers, and wire cutters

You should also have a good set of wire cutters and pliers for kanthal.

Soft Jaw Plug Pliers

When your atomizers get stuck, this is going to be your best friend.

Microfiber towel

Use a good-quality microfiber towel when cleaning spills and polishing your unit.

Wood conditioners and waxes

You can keep your wooden pieces looking good with these solutions.


It is possible to bring back the former glory of your copper and brass mods with some polish.

Ultrasonic cleaner

If you collect atomizers, this is necessary to keep all the mods and drip tips clean.

This is a basic guide to get you started. If you think that we are missing something, let us know in the comments below!

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